Unrefined Shea Butter
Flore Choublak

Unrefined Shea Butter

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100% Pure Raw Unrefined Shea Butter : is rich in antioxidants. Helps to moisturize your skin and condition your hair. It is loaded with nutrients and contains anti-inflammatory properties . 

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Mission Statement:

We aim to empower women and men to love and care for their hair and body. We are dedicated to providing high quality all natural products that promote healing. Furthermore, we strive to create strong communities where uniqueness, differences, similarities, and creativity are cherished and celebrated.


Vision Statement:

We believe that healing is the art of living. Therefore, we want to be the leading company helping women, men, and children around the world to master their craft one strand at a time.

Every problem offers a possibility for a solution. Excessive dryness during pregnancy opened a whole new world for Catheleen when it comes to healing. She struggled with dry scalp and dry hair for so long that it became normal for her. During her pregnancy, however, her seborrheic dermatitis was too much of an issue to ignore. Unfortunately, she had an aversion to smell and couldn't tolerate oils and body lotion. One of the strange things about pregnancy!


When Catheleen became able to tolerate some products, she realized that she had another challenge to face. She wanted to provide the best possible environment for her baby to grow and she had to stop using the products that would give her temporary relief. In the midst of navigating a pandemic ripping the heart of our world and threatening the foundation of our social lives, the flakes falling off her scalp and getting stuck on her dry and brittle hair made her wonder what if it was the time for her to look inwards for her solution. And she did just that. Catheleen's scalp and hair needed a different kind of healing, one that takes into consideration who she is as a person, makes her health a priority, and helps the light from within her to shine and radiate through every single strand. The healing Catheleen needed was to connect through the power of herbs. DIY perfectly suited the circumstances of the time when physical isolation became a marker of public health and safety.

Experimenting with the healing power of herbs used in ayurveda for centuries completely transformed Catheleen's experience and her relationship with her hair. Not only that it heals her scalp and helps her hair to flourish, it opens her heart and her eyes to a new way of being. As a result, she made the commitment to not only share her experiences with other women, and men, but also to help them embark on their own healing journey.

Healing is a journey like no others. It puts us right in front of who we are and in the mirror of our lives, our healing calls us to appreciate our highs and lows, our abundance and our lack thereof, our moments of success and our mishaps as it all comes together in a beautiful process that helps us find our ways. Combining the healing powers of very potent herbs, amazing carrier oils and exceptionally great essential oils with love, Flore Choublak helps others to connect to nature and to tap into their own healing powers.